Recall Terry Seamens

At Wednesday night’s City Council meeting, a Co-op supporter opposed to the Takoma Junction development plans notified the Council that a group is circulating a recall petition for six of the seven Councilmembers. Yours truly was among those in the crosshairs.

A recall requires the signature of 20 percent of the qualified voters of a Ward. Once the petition is certified, a special election is held for the Ward.

The timing of the petition announcement on the heels of many weeks of outcry by the Co-op supporters about the planned development of the publicly owned Takoma Junction parking lot was clearly meant to send a message to the Council. Next Wednesday, July 25, the Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution to authorize the developer to submit the Takoma Junction Development Project Combined Site Plan to the Montgomery County Planning Department for review. The sole council member who has declared his intentions to vote against the resolution is the one council member missing from the recall plans.

Although few Ward 4 residents have expressed concerns about the development project, Co-op members have recently been calling on Ward residents seeking petition signatures. I wonder about the sincerity of the people from other Wards who are lobbying the low-income residents of our neighborhood as they seek support of their petition. I think that a survey of people’s needs and desires would be less manipulative and more helpful. However, this seems to be their first attempt to come to our Ward to help our neighbors, so I guess we should appreciate their community spirit and be willing to make suggestions if asked.


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