Open Letter to the Co-op and NDC

It is reassuring to hear that you are working together in mediation to resolve any development plan issues. I truly hope that you both reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial to your companies and the community.

Please approach this opportunity as a fresh start. Shortly after this project started, there was a suggestion that NDC try to negotiate the purchase of the Turner Building. This was dropped when it seemed the Co-op Board found it threatening. I merely use this as an example of how far back I want you to go as you take a fresh start at seeking common ground. If expanding the project to include the Turner property will help resolve the problems and if it is possible, don’t discount it because it was already tried and failed.

I implore you to face the challenge of mediation as an opportunity to find reasonable solutions that benefit all parties, where we all will be winners and there are no losers. Thank you.


One thought on “Open Letter to the Co-op and NDC

  1. This is a very good example, Terry, of why mediation needs to be completed before moving the project forward to MoCo. You are urging a real rethink with potential major redesign.


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