Traffic concerns are the most common issue raised by residents throughout the U.S. As unique as Takoma Park is, we share this concern. Within the city Takoma Junction is indisputably at or near the top of traffic problem areas.

I am truly thankful that we are finally addressing the many roadway and traffic challenges at the Junction. It is long overdue. I am pleased with the recent analyses and some of the options the consultants suggested. I look forward to working with community members, the State Highway Authority and others as we develop and implement plans to help pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle traffic flow better through that busy area.

Based on the traffic consultants’ reports, the development project may slightly increase traffic in Takoma Junction, and the suggested roadway changes could improve traffic flow and improve safety. I am glad that the development project is acting as a catalyst in bringing the roadway changes to the Junction and will help spur them to completion. Both the development project and roadway changes will help make the Junction a better place in the community.


2 thoughts on “Traffic

  1. Dear Terry,

    I am very disappointed that you think this Junction Project will only slightly increase traffic going through that area as I believe it will be rather more than that. But we will all see exactly what happens and how it will affect us all when I start filming the Junction at the start and right though to the end of the project, and for a year afterwards. Only then will the full effect be known and posted for everyone on You Tube.


  2. I live in Ward 3, but nonetheless wanted to thank you publicly for your position on this matter. The current traffic situation at the Junction is poor for motorists and pedestrians alike, speaking as someone who is both, and who walks my children regularly to school crossing at that monstrosity of an intersection. While the proposed changes won’t fix everything – and yes, may increase traffic – I have high confidence that the Council will keep proper oversight of the project and protect our residents and visitors while also ensuring our community remains dynamic and inclusive.


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